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Disciplined – Skeptical – Authoritarian – Analytical

The Majestic is statuesque and commanding, with a larger than life presence. She has a natural gravitas, is a born leader, a woman of resounding common sense, self-awareness, knowledge and authority. She leads a disciplined, structured, and principled existence, and expects others to follow rank and order. She has stature and a air of absolute competence that draws others to look to her, follow her, and believe her. She is dignified and traditional, skeptical of fads or modern fetishes, relying on proven methods and practices. Her style is the same – traditional, dignified and commanding. She’s at the helm, at the top, the one on the throne, even if she came from humble beginnings. Nothing stops her from rising to the top as she has the formidability and authority to take that position. She rises above any drama, pushes aside any unnecessary quagmire, to address what is important. She can process a lot of information, weighing all aspects diligently to discern the best option for everyone. She will dictate to others, seeing herself as the guiding force. Someone needs to be steering the ship or ruling the kingdom!

“If You do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self”


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