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It may surprise you, but many women don’t feel happy with the way they look.  In fact, 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection (Dove Survey 2016). Even those successful well put-together women can’t cure negative self-talk!​

My clients have found that hiring a personal shopper or having a makeover may be a good start, but it’s not sufficient and it isn’t lasting. What they realize is missing is self-knowledge – an understanding of their true self, what they should see when they look in the mirror.

There is nothing wrong with who they are, nor are they lacking in anyway in how they look. They just don’t know their Image Blueprint – their individual qualities and attributes, their original design.

That’s why I developed the 36 IMAGE TYPE SYSTEM, to help women understand their image and learn the best way to express themselves that feels congruent with who they really are.

Your Image Type is like an archetype. It’s a model or template that ACTIVATES your true self, bringing you into focus.

It by-passes that inner critic that constantly undermines your self-esteem and limits your ability to optimize on who you are, to present your cumulation of your psychology, physicality, and presence.

Knowing your Image Type allows you to feel integrated, in-sync, and understand your own mystery and story. It’s your archetypal equivalent that knows how to dress, how to make the most of her unique attributes, how to refashion herself, and how to present her best version of herself.​

No more will you have to struggle with not knowing what to wear or feeling defeated by your current image or your how you look. You can instead embody your Image Type and feel finally that you have a way of being You.

The Image Profiling Consult is a 1-2 hour consult that combines analysis and discussion to address your image needs using your Image Type, and is carried over over Zoom/Facetime/Skype.

Following the consult, you will receive your Image Profile report of your Image Type, a 17 page document detailing all aspects of your Image Blueprint.


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