Gamine Profile


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Playful – Persistent – Informal – Energetic

The Gamine is playful, fun, youthful and sporty. She believes you should have a good work/life balance and will fill up her evenings or weekends with activities. She is compact, on the move, and is recognized for her quick pace and proactive approach to life. She is not into drama or heaviness and is the first to suggest a road trip, night out or bike ride through the country. She can be focused and persistent when she sets her mind on something, and doesn’t like to be fussed over or slow-mo people getting in her way. She is up early at work (more time after for play) and sees her home as her base rather than her boudoir. As a child, she would have loved playing games, tricks, and having fun. As an adult, she has had to tone down her childish ways, but secretly would love to live a life free of responsibility and having to be grown-up!



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