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Youthful – Conscientious – Keen – Stylish

The French Chic is youthful yet mature, adult yet childlike. She is conscientious, focused, chatty. She is open yet formal and groomed, ready to take on the world. She is structured and modern. She likes to be ahead, precise in what she does, and wants to do well and succeed. She is uptown – Paris, New York, London, and likes to be in her milieu. She keeps herself busy, seeing her group of friends, getting involved and connecting with others through different platforms, like social media. She is modern and stylish, but sticks to timeless pieces rather than fads, like the little black dress. She is pretty, yet prefers simplicity to frills. She is modern and savvy, but not over-edgy or millennial; tradition brings quality, and she is a quality rather than quantity gal. She takes herself seriously and prides herself on her consistency, taste, and style.

“Paris is always a good idea”


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