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Sensitive – Lithe – Intense- Mysterious

The Folklore is otherworldly, with her unusual complexion, her piercing eyes and her agility; a feminine nature maiden with a touch of priestess and earthiness. She moves furtively from one place to another, or from one thought to another. She is her own person, inaccessible rather than independent, mysterious rather than allusive. She has her own rituals and ways of doing things and prefers not to be led by the modern 21stC consumerist way of living. She values the original way things were meant to be and likes to explore the origin – the natural form, preferring the simplicity of the old times. She responds to sound, touch, taste and the physical natural world. She likes the form of things, the order, the natural flow. To her, all things have a purpose and an intended path. Nature itself follows it’s own pattern, and so does she. You wouldn’t be able to pin her down, change her mind, nor know her deep thoughts. Maybe a few incantations later, you may be able to start to get a sense of her. She sticks to her own ‘folk’ and abides by her heritage or her ‘lore’, maintaining the secrets and ways of those that came before her.

“Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me”


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