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Sultry – Cool – Independent – Raw

The Euro Retro is a raw, sexy, sultry girl, with a cool attitude. When she walks into a room, others can’t help but notice her with her free cascading locks, her swagger, and her hip way of dressing. She likes to use retro influences and themes and incorporate them into a more contemporary look. She has a great physique and fit body, and often a European Mediterranean look. She tends to have an unconventional and alternative lifestyle, living a multi-cultural existence that’s opposite to bourgeois. She’s pretty laid back, and doesn’t tend to live in the present, nor the future, nor the past, but brings threads of all into the moment. She has a strong sense of who she is and what she wants and is independent and self-sufficient; nobody gets to control her. She is wise and self-assured and free. She is easy to talk to but also has strong boundaries and thinks differently to most. She can get feisty sometimes and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, and others don’t tend to stand in her way. Her alluring vibe keeps people intrigued as she stands out from the crowd.



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