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Far-Out – Unpredictable – Controversial – Complicated

The Eccentric is in a league of her own, totally out there, off the reservation, in uncharted waters, removed from the conventions of society. In fact, she is so unconventional, her reputation precedes her with most people knowing of her or about her, even if they have never met her. Her strong creative and intellectual combination makes for a very diverse way of thinking, full of off-beat ideas, alternative ways of expressing herself, and a counter-logic approach to life. She is unpredictable and isn’t inclined to proceed according to convention or how others would ever imagine. The way she sees the world is very different. Her thought-process allows for true creativity to flourish and greater understanding to occur. She widens the sphere of what is acceptable and encourages greater exploration. She gives permission for others to step outside the box, although we will never quite reach her level of extremity or creativity, and we wouldn’t dare wear what she wears. As someone famous once said, “Go where no man has boldly gone before!” And that is precisely the everyday life of an Eccentric.



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