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Loyal – Spirited – Gutsy – Driven

The Crusader is gutsy and gritty, spirited and resolute. She is a seeker and searcher for her ‘cause’ and once she has chosen it, she is loyal to it until the end. She is intense and a believer; once she believes in something, you can’t talk her out of it! She chooses her friendships and relationships like her causes, puts her whole heart into them and is a supporter and fiercely loyal. She would give blood for her flesh and blood! She is self-sufficient and takes up the challenge and throws down the gauntlet. She can be daring in what she takes on. She doesn’t play small but likes a challenge, taking the bull by its horns. She has strong values and morals, which is the meaning and driver behind her passion. She works outside and is often on the go. She is very mobile and active and doesn’t stay still much. She is naturally handsome, with gorgeous skin and darker hair or olive complexion. Although she can seem spirited and fun, her darker features or complexion reveals the intensity that is hidden underneath, that gets the blood pumping through her veins, and ignites her passion.



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