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Original – Aesthetic – Productive – Responsive

The Creative is the free-thinking artisan who is interested in perfected her craft and creating her own diversions in life. She has many facets to her character, as she processes and contemplates the world around her, enjoying the aesthetics of it all. Her craft may be people, fabric, or paint. Whichever, it’s about crafting and bringing to life character, energy, and meaning. She moves in circles awash with poetry, art and philosophy, where thinking and creativity blend and people contemplate deeply the world and how they see themselves. She is interesting to look at as she brings all her thoughts and ideas to her wardrobe through the use of interesting detail, design, and context. She is not mass-production nor High Street. Her craft is individualized, and her look is too. She mixes with like-minded folk, and stands in her own space, using life as her canvas.



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