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Practical – Substance – Cheery – Down-to-earth

The Country Classic is unassuming, down-to-earth, hands-on and self-motivated. She will ‘muck-in’ to get things done. She is neighborly, community and service-oriented; the first one to volunteer and get involved. She feels she has a duty to nature, her environment, and her community, and is driven by sustainability, self-management, and the natural order. She sees her blueprint on the world and endeavors to improve it through good practice. She doesn’t have much tolerance for waste, ineptness, and foolhardy antics. She loves the trustworthiness and reliability of the countryside and its traditions – walks in the great outdoors, local recipes and produce, the household including having pets or farm animals. She’s a sustainer. She holds on to the past, sustaining it and bringing in forward into the present. She is the maintainer of the Estate, the Lady of the Manor, the proud traditionalist. With her vintage brands and old school dress code, she is an elegant and suave Dame and Lady of the Court.



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