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Robust – Ready – Willful – Capable

The Boudicea makes a strong entrance. She is front of the pack, is unyielding, determined, a leader in a man’s world, a force to be reckoned with, and she will conquer. She is all woman, a powerhouse with a bold physicality. She leads the tribe to new ground, for nourishment, the best shelter and to safety, protected from the enemy. She is the ultimate nurturer, the ones that cares for the greater good of her people, her tribe. She thinks on their feet, is quick to act, resourceful and bodacious. She is selfless, centered, courageous and straight-forward. She tells it like it is, no beating around the bush; she simply doesn’t have time to waste and has things to accomplish. This is how she forges ahead – by moving quickly, taking the bull by the horns and plowing forward. She is larger than life, a great person to have in your camp, as she will take charge. She is comfortable in her own skin, aware she is no frail filly. She is all woman, with strong thighs and arms and even larger feet, so she can march into battle. How else is she supposed to conquer? You will hear her coming!



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