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Unconventional – Gentle – Transient – Free-spirited

The Bohemian is a free-thinking, fluid, open and expressive spirit. She may seem like she is in her own world, but in fact she is simply un-egotistical, unfazed and free from the binds that tie most. She dances through life to her own rhythm, to the beat of her drum, the strum of her bow, or the stroke of her paintbrush. She is a natural beauty, untarnished, unspoiled (by make-up or fashion), barefoot, and free. She is attractive to others, some may want to tame her, but she is untethered so there is nothing to hold on to. She is akin to nature, prefers laying in a field of daisies, hiking through the jungle, or roaming the desert hills. She may have an artistic or musical skill, as she hums to a tune or crafts a woven basket. She likes to dwell in the background, unnoticed, where she has a wide view and can observe and ponder on life. She becomes visible through her skillset, her tales of her journey, and her wisdom as a bohemian.



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