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Petite – Vulnerable – Precocious – Girlie

The Baby Doll is doll-like – pretty, untouchable, desirable, eternally young. She has a youthful, girlish figure with long locks and rosebud lips. She has an innocence and coyness about her that makes her appear naive and vulnerable. But, even though she can appear so much younger than her years, she is a grown up. Her precocious flick of the hair, her girlish voice may fool others into thinking she isn’t capable, but don’t be fooled by that girlie helplessness, she knows what she’s up to. A daddy’s girl at heart, she can pull on a guy’s heartstrings and make them jump into protective male-mode at the drop of a hat. Her energy is all about her…she doesn’t seek the attention in an obvious way but does encourage the focus to be on her. And, why not as she can be most men’s dream girl. She promises the fountain of youth to all those who are with her, giving them vigor, and the sense that all is not lost. She can be perfect, like the doll on the top shelf that everyone wants, and this is why the Baby Dolls can be incredibly successful!



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