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Elegant – Modest – Balanced – Disciplined

The Aristocrate is well put-together, holds herself well, and looks professional. She is level-headed and methodical, with a clear and set approach that she carries out in an organized and disciplined way. She is rational and reasonable, cautiously skeptical, unbelieving of overly-enthused promises or short-cuts. She believes in a tried-and-tested method and following things to the book. She leaves a lasting impression and people mind their p’s and q’s around her. She is effectual and efficient, timely and orderly. To-do-lists, step-by-step plans, integrated calendar systems are her thing. If you get an invite from an Aristocrate, it will probably come electronically, updating your own calendar. You can spot her in most circles as she is better dressed than most and will look like she is the one in charge. Her look is classical, with minimal detail, structured and tidy. She automatically upgrades whatever she is wearing simply by her being the wearer. A class act!



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