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Are you an Ambassador? Purchase your Image Profile to dive into your Psychology, Physicality and Presence.



Amiable – Diplomatic – Informed – Facilitating

The Ambassador is the attractive, well-positioned, well-known woman who stands out from the crowd. In fact, she organized the crowd to be there in the first place! She has an air of class about her and is self-assured, self-confident, self-motivated. She is the high-achiever, top of her class, management material, a class act. There is nothing people can gripe about when it comes to an Ambassador. She is charming and able to talk her way through any situation, adapting to her surroundings and the people effortlessly. She is a natural politician with her ability to facilitate and create opportunity and one can’t find any fault in her business or personal ethic. She is international in her appeal, a touch high brown in her social standing yet approachable, and has Ivy League appeal. She has a knack in knowing what to say and when to say it to get the optimal results. With her connections and ability to impress, she has a clear path to public notoriety success.



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