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What’s your Image Type?

You want to look and feel good about yourself and to make the most of who you are! But, when you look in the mirror, you feel frustrated.  You feel you are not expressing your authentic self.

You image (imago:-reflection) is your individual pattern – your unique design.  It is more than what you wear or how you perceive yourself.  It’s your true reflection.

Using her system of 36 Image Types, The Wardrobe Shrink profiles your physicality, your psychology, and your presence to determine your personal Image Archetype.

Your Image Type presents a clear picture of who you are and provides a model or template to help you see yourself and express yourself authentically.  Instead of relying on your own interpretations, with you inner circle at work, your Image Type awakens a powerful connection to who you really are.  Like the sharpening of the lens, you come into focus, for others as well as yourself.

The Wardrobe Shrink offers Image Profiling Consults face-to-face and remotely via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  She works with clients worldwide and has international recognition with the Press.

How do you see yourself?
Your Image Type will answer that question for you!

David Bowie saw himself as a work of art, a chameleon, and shape-shifter.

Marilyn Monroe saw herself as a sex symbol and tragic heroine.

Kathy Griffin sees herself as a truth-teller and cheeky jokester.

Sean Penn sees himself as a radical advocate: a rebel with a cause.

Lady Gaga sees herself as a modern expressive and boundary-breaker.

Steve Jobs saw himself as a pioneer and futurist.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg sees herself as a voice of reason and moral advocate.

"Wow! You have really blown me away!....You are truly gifted and guided..."

Alison Drummond - Personal Development Trainer August 2, 2017

Explore other Wardrobe Shrink Products and Services

Venture on your Image Type journey in a one on one consult with Wardrobe Shrink, Sarah Following the consult, you will recieve an individualized summary and Image Type report revealing your Image Archetype.

The Style + Body Shape Guide is a 62 page illustrated e-book created by The Wardrobe Shrink to help you understand the different body shapes, your own body shape and the different styles that best suit your shape.