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The Image Profile

The Image Profile

The Image profile is a 17-page guide of your IMAGE TYPE – your Image Archetype – and embodies key elements of who you are. It includes your Image Blueprint – your Physicality, Psychology and Presence.​  These three aspects of your image type work in harmony. Your psychology is intricately linked with other aspects of your nature, and like joining the dots, one personality trait will lead to a related trait from your physicality or presence, as one aspect of your physicality will link back to a personality trait.

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The Feminine Archetypes – Maiden, Matriarch, Seer

The Feminine Archetypes – Maiden, Matriarch, Seer

Your presence is an innate and natural quality that is indefinable.

It has others feel a certain way around you or react to you, often unconsciously.

It can draw people to you, make others feel at ease, look up to you, or want to protect you.  It can intimidate, challenge, or make others feel on edge, excited, or want to be on their best behavior.

Your presence a form of non-verbal communication and an essential component of who you are.

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Most people think of color subjectively, simply as a matter of taste or preference – “I like pink; I never wear yellow”.

Yet, color is much more significant.  It is a force, a phenomenon, that causes an emotional and physiological response, whether we are conscious of it or not.

It is also symbolic. Color is an expression for all things.  It is an expression of the elements – the cooling shades of the sea or the balancing green of the willow tree, or an expression of the animal – the deadly contrasts of a venomous snake.

As Rudolf Steiner said, “Color is the soul element of nature”.

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ARCHETYPES are powerful and important tools for understanding the Self.

An Archetype is an original pattern or image with particular traits and symbolism, like Mother, Guardian, Teacher, Advocate.

An Archetype can be used to reveal, express and awaken elements of your individuality, to make what’s invisible – visible, what’s unconscious – conscious.

Your IMAGE TYPE acts as an archetype and is a model for understanding your IMAGE BLUEPRINT – your psychology, physicality and presence. It brings together the different elements of your self to reveal the whole picture, the totality of yourself.

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Venture on your Image Type journey in a one on one consult with Wardrobe Shrink, Sarah. Following the consult, you will receive an individualized summary and Image Type report revealing your Image Archetype.

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2 weeks ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

It’s been interesting trying to look good and feel good during this pandemic.

Let’s face it, a lot of us are wearing sweats.😏

We’ve not had to consider what to wear so much with the limited socializing and we’ve been able to relax the work wardrobe (if you are working from home). And frankly, other stressors have taken precedent over how we look.

What’s great though is these last months have allowed us time-out from the image we usually present to the world. Time to discard some of the fluff - I notice people aren’t fussing so much about how they look because the pressure of keeping up appearances isn’t so relevant.

I’ve been more carefree with my decisions about what to wear…seen my wrinkles more…and let nature take over.

I’ve seen others revert back to their natural state - let their color grow out, let their skin breath more (not using as much make-up), left their nails natural, let their hair grow (many have a new beard).

It’s this natural state where I aim to get back to with my clients. Where we remove all the phony fluff that is cluttering their personal image, discard the false perceptions they have about themselves and the way they see themselves when they look in the mirror.

This natural state can get compromised by work culture, fashions and fads, others projections, and cultural ideals.

So this time has allowed many of us to return to our ‘true self’, and that’s a great place from where to build a more realistic and true image of oneself.

An image:
**that aligns more with who you are and what you do
**that doesn’t feel like you are putting on a show
**that communicates clearly personal and unique qualities
**that’s not based on false perceptions
that has you like what you see in the mirror and not compare yourself to others
**that enables you to create a wardrobe you love and allows you to be yourself more freely.

This truer image allows you to:
**carry yourself with more confidence
**step out of your comfort zone
**steal the limelight (even if you are an introvert)
**make more of a lasting impression
**take more risks
**stand up for yourself more.

Your personal image is an intricate representation of your natural state. It’s not something you literally put on…like clothing that doesn’t fit right or feel right. It already present and there - it’s just a matter of unveiling it and revealing it and making it work for you.

I often tell clients that every part of who they are exists for a reason. Their curl in their hair, their pale complexion, their curvy body shape…also their personality traits, their reactions and behaviors towards others, how they feel when in front of a room full of people…etc. All these are natural qualities and shouldn’t be disguised or seen as faults or liabilities.

Because together they create a complete picture - an image. And this personal image is what speaks before you do, it’s what tells others everything about you, and it’s what links you to your purpose and ambitions.

What I do is help women see their true personal image and reflection, so they carry themselves with confidence, love how they look, make more of an impact, and feel more aligned with who they are.

If you are interested in taking this time to reevaluate and define this image so it feels more natural and true, PM me.🙂

(picture: what a quiz told me I would look like if I was a pet)
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8 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

Ever have days where you just don’t feel like yourself?

This feeling can last for 2 days...a week...6 months...and before you know it, it’s just your life.

You put on an outfit and look in the mirror. What you want to see is this gorgeous smiling ‘10’ looking right back at you.

Instead however you see…

...Well what do you see? Every woman’s interpretation of herself is different. Frumpy, dowdy, mediocre...

In truth, it’s hard to put those feelings into words. But the end result is clear...

... most women do not ADORE how they look.

And while you desperately want to make an impression at that business meeting, coaching training, house showing or <insert important event here>...

You paint on a smile (or put on that bright red lipstick) and act like you’re a happy confident successful woman who has it all figured out…yet deep down you feel…

...the exact opposite.

The good news is there’s a way you can quickly and easily fix this. And it doesn’t require plastic surgery, medication or hypnosis.

Using my 36 Image Archetype System, we’ll do the following:

1- The Self-Constructs Audit: review your self-constructs which hold the key to your entire identity. Understand how you truly perceive yourself, how clients and others perceive you and identify any false perspectives that are interfering with your self-image.

2- Profile Your Image Type: Understand your unique characteristics that define you - your personal pattern and blueprint (your psychology, physicality, and presence), and identify your Image Type (from my 36 Image Archetype system).

3 - Express Your Image and Identity: We review your current image and wardrobe and create a collection of versatile capsule pieces that reflect your Image Archetype. I will show you how to effectively project yourself and understand your value statement, so you make an impact and look and feel in your element and a ‘10’.

Imagine slipping on an outfit that not only fits you perfectly, but looks and feels fabulous. You look in the mirror and think 'wow I look really amazing!’

You leave the house full of excitement and confidence. You stride into your business meeting and command the room. When you talk, everyone listens. You can feel eyes on you everywhere you go - in a good way!

And people keep asking 'what have you done recently? You're glowing!’

And what’s so surprising to you is that you haven’t changed anything about yourself. See being a 10 isn't about turning yourself into some fake plastic Hollywood model. It's about bringing your inner fabulousness, this essence and quality that is unique to you - and that already exists by the way - and letting the world see YOU!

This may sound impossible, but 5 women are going to wake up and experience exactly this before February 2nd (Groundhog Day!).

These will be the lucky women in my new program '30 days to a 10'.

Think you don't qualify? Not attractive enough? Never been into clothes? Don’t see yourself as stylish? Or something else?

Why don't you message me and may well be pleasantly surprised - even delighted at what happens next!
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9 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

How do you define your true personal image and look fabulous with a wardrobe you love? Either take the quiz or have a profiling consult... ... See MoreSee Less

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10 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink


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