About Sarah

A Brit-American Image Profiler, Sarah Engen (Whittaker) set up her business in London, then relocated to the U.S in 2004. She works remotely with clients worldwide and was referred to as “a wardrobe shrink, and a fine one too” by The Times (London). Her ethos: “One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the you that you that you really want to be” – Robert Fritz. She has developed her work using four character traits of her own Image Type:


See beyond the present appearance to the whole picture.


Reads people; discerns their true nature.


Builds a picture of who you are and what you can become.


Appreciates peoples perception of themselves and their innermost feelings.


The Image Consult is a one-off 1-2 hour session tailored to your personal Image needs. Using her 36 Image Type system, Sarah provides a live-stream download of information that is pertinent to you and crucial in helping you get your Image on-track, so you can understand your individual Image Blueprint and have your own image eve-olution.

Whether the consult requires her seeing inside your wardrobe, or removing the blind spot that is blocking you from perceiving yourself authentically, or showing you the perfect outfit that will make you look fabulous and carry yourself with confidence…Sarah’s goal is to work with you through the individuation process to understand your unique reflection and what you should see when you look in the mirror. The Image Profiling Consult is done face-to-face or remotely by phone or Skype/Facetime/Zoom and combines analysis and discussion.  Following the consult, you will receive your Image Type Profile report revealing your Image Archetype.

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Image Profiling includes analyzing your Image Blueprint:

Your Physicality

Your body shape, architecture, and your physical presence are one aspect of your image and are identifications of your nature.  How you move, the way you move, and how you respond to and within your environment are not accidents but reflections of your true self. Your physical features and characteristics provide clues to your nature; your physical traits are linked to aspects of your personality and your presence and reflect their own wise purpose.

​Your coloring – the brilliance, depth, contrast, and variety of color – communicates much about your inner world and how you appear or radiate. Just as nature uses color as a phenomenon to communicate purpose or function, your nature is communicated through your color signature. Using your correct color aesthetic and understanding the psychology behind it, brings you into focus and can literally awaken elements of yourself.

Your Psychology

Your image is an extension of your personality – your behavior, how you think, how you approach life, and how you respond to others. How others see you is a direct reflection of how you see and project yourself.  Revealing your personality through your personal image is a form of non-verbal communication and impacts the impression you make on others and how they respond to you.​

Your Presence

Every picture, image and painting conveys an idea and so do you.  You have an impact and evoke a response in others. Using the three  feminine psyches – the Maiden, the Matriarch, and the Seer, Sarah reveals how you show up in the world, how you naturally respond to others and the affects you have on people. Your feminine psyche is represented in all aspects of your image.

"Wow! You have really blown me away!....You are truly gifted and guided..."

Alison Drummond - Personal Development Trainer August 2, 2017

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