The Feminine Archetypes – Maiden, Matriarch, Seer

Your presence is an innate and natural quality that is indefinable.

It has others feel a certain way around you or react to you, often unconsciously.

It can draw people to you, make others feel at ease, look up to you, or want to protect you.  It can intimidate, challenge, or make others feel on edge, excited, or want to be on their best behavior

Your presence a form of non-verbal communication and an essential component of who you are.

It can be best defined through the three feminine archetypes: Maiden (the girl), Matriarch (the mother) and Seer (the wise woman or crone).

​In my 36 Image Type system, I use these archetypes to help explain more about you. Each Image Type will have a combination or one, two or all three of these archetypes and I have them subcategorized to really define more clearly your presence.

Here’s is a bit more about each one.


The Maiden is the birther, the creator. She gives an impression of youthfulness and can be child-like or girlish, regardless of physical age. She is spritely or shy,  light-hearted or takes herself way too seriously (an attempt to to get things right).  She likes beginnings, new experiences or starting new projects or new friendships.  She  can have a look of innocence or freshness, with a young complexion or bright eyes.  She carries a feeling of abundance and hope, life and energy, through her many endeavors, whether external – through projects and connecting, or internal – through her ideas and plans.

Since the Maiden is the creator and more vulnerable, the Matriarch tends to instinctively want to protect her and preserve her youthful energies, whereas the Seer finds she wants to control and manage her.  This is a struggle that the Maiden often experiences, but with her resourcefulness she can ultimately overcome.  The Maiden focuses on what she wants to do or has to do.


The Matriarch is the preserver and nurturing parent figure.  She is the one that organizes and pulls others together.  She is responsible and mature and represents the mother archetype.  Her physique is that of a woman, shapely and developed, and from a younger age she would have been drawn to starting a family or planning ahead her life in terms of career and lifestyle. She naturally is caring, attentive and protective to her children, her family, her career or her beliefs.  She prefers the middle path, striving for moderation and balance, and is the sustainer – making sure that systems work and everything moves along.

She finds the Maiden can be easily misled and can pass their responsibilities over to her, whereas the Seer can be over-determined and not give her enough responsibility or respect her wishes.  The Matriarch focuses on what is needed and what works.


The Seer is the wise woman, knower and guide.  She is a leader and stands on her own, taking charge of her own life and does not tolerate fools gladly. She conveys a natural confidence and has a obvious presence; you can not help but notice her.  She has stature or height (if not physically certainly presence wise), and a maturity regardless of physical age. A seer is always a Seer – even if she is only ten years old.  She appears to have experience, have already been on a journey, and has an awareness and natural and innate understanding.  She can be overwhelming and likes to be in control.

She feels the Maidens and Matriarchs both find her too strong and can feel sometimes as if not many are on her level. The Seer focuses on what she’s accomplished and how she wants her environment and life to work for her.





Venture on your Image Type journey in a one on one consult with Wardrobe Shrink, Sarah. Following the consult, you will receive an individualized summary and Image Type report revealing your Image Archetype.

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The Wardrobe Shrink

If you opened your wardrobe this morning and thought “UGH - WHAT AM I A GOING TO WEAR”…

Or, you got dressed and looked in the mirror and thought “I GUESS THAT WILL DO”...

Or, you thought you did a pretty good job of pulling something together but “THIS ISN’T REALLY ME”…

…that’s exactly how some of my clients felt. It's not just you!


Not by changing anything about you…nor by running out and buying more clothes! (Not yet anyway.)

They are fixed by defining your image…

1- understanding your image blueprint
2-understanding your self-image
3-Learning how to express YOU

That's how you look in the mirror and feel gorg, feel aligned with who you are and confident with how you look.

The FREE TRAINING I am starting this week is going to delve into these 3 aspects and get you started on your Image Eve-olution.


See you there! ...Sarah
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The Wardrobe Shrink

I remember when my article came out in The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

The journalist, Lydia Slater, had an Image Consult with me and wrote about it. It was a double page spread on pages 3 and 4 with a big color picture of me.

My phone rang off the hook for the next few days…yet all I could do was hide under my duvet!

Suddenly I was in the public eye…something I felt uncomfortable with as I ALWAYS felt self-conscious in front of an audience. My Image Type explains this dilemma - wanting to communicate and have a voice and yet wanting to be invisible at the same time!

But it’s more than visibility…

…when you really embrace your IMAGE and God-given intended identity and who you are…it is like saying “HERE I AM”.

And I don’t mean saying “hey…here I am…look at me!” Which is what I felt at the time. THAT makes me really uncomfortable!

This other meaning of “HERE I AM”…

…is according to ancient Hebrew scripture about stepping up and responding to a call. It’s responding to who you are called to be and how you are meant to be of service. It’s making a commitment and statement.

I talked about this in my FB live on Friday - watch it here…

Now…many years later…(and after taking time out to become a mom and adopt 3 kids as well…) the much deeper elements of archetypes and how they call your image into action are becoming clearer.

They command you to step up and invoke action and respond to your own inner call.

For some clients this is ALL that’s missing from their mishmash of a wardrobe that’s 70% on the mark! And that is why I have added this step to my Image Consult and I examine a clients self-perceptions and false idea of themselves. Rather than simply telling them their Image Type and sending them on their way...

The desire to just play a character (the 'persona) or to keep hidden our true qualities (the 'shadow self') can be set in stone from a young age. It's important to question it and explore it.

Which is why it's a challenge being your authentic self - to declare “HERE I AM!”

Is this what’s missing for you? Comment below...👱‍♀️
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