Most people think of color subjectively, simply as a matter of taste or preference – “I like pink; I never wear yellow”.

Yet, color is much more significant.  It is a force, a phenomenon, that causes an emotional and physiological response, whether we are conscious of it or not.

It is also symbolic. Color is an expression for all things.  It is an expression of the elements – the cooling shades of the sea or the balancing green of the willow tree, or an expression of the animal – the deadly contrasts of a venomous snake.

As Rudolf Steiner said, “Color is the soul element of nature”.

You, as a living being, are a color phenomenon, and your individual color signature tells others about your own attributes.

There has been much hypothesized about the nature of color and color theory, from Aristotle the philosopher to Newton the scientist, from Goethe the writer and Chevreul the chemist, to Itten the professor at the Bauhaus School of Art, to Steiner the spiritualist.

One thing remains clear. We are beings of nature, and color is one of the main principles of nature besides form.

Your color aesthetic is paramount to understanding the individual self.

One could say that your body acts as the prism reflecting your inner nature through color and light.

You have certain key hues from the primary or secondary color palette that reveal your shades of light, and a temperature that emboldens you with certain tendencies and attitudes.  You have a particular value – a luminosity or depth that reveals aspects of your personality, your introversion and extroversion.

Each Image Type has a color theme and your color signature is examined in the Image Profiling Consult.

To help one discover one’s subjective form and color, is to help one discover one’s self” – Johannes Itten

Color Theorists

Johannes Itten (1888-1967), a Swiss Professor at the Bauhaus School of Art in Germany in the early 1920’s, developed comprehensive color theory including the 12 point ‘Color Sphere’.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832), a Writer and Philosopher questioned Newton’s ideas on color theory, and the influence of color in nature.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), an Educator and Esoterist, studied the writings of Goethe and contemplated the esoteric ideas behind color.

Faber Birren (1900-1988), an Art Historian developed the ‘rational color circle’ and pioneering color theory in printing. He considers green one of the primary colors.

Michel Eugene Chevreul (1786-1889), Dye Director at Gobelins Manufactory in Paris.  Developed the laws of color contrast after noticing how the color yarns could impact the color of surrounding yarns.

Isaac Newton (1643-1727), a Scientist, proposed the idea of refraction – light through a prism decomposes into the spectrum of colors.

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” – Coco Chanel




Venture on your Image Type journey in a one on one consult with Wardrobe Shrink, Sarah. Following the consult, you will receive an individualized summary and Image Type report revealing your Image Archetype.

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7 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

Ever have days where you just don’t feel like yourself?

This feeling can last for 2 days...a week...6 months...and before you know it, it’s just your life.

You put on an outfit and look in the mirror. What you want to see is this gorgeous smiling ‘10’ looking right back at you.

Instead however you see…

...Well what do you see? Every woman’s interpretation of herself is different. Frumpy, dowdy, mediocre...

In truth, it’s hard to put those feelings into words. But the end result is clear...

... most women do not ADORE how they look.

And while you desperately want to make an impression at that business meeting, coaching training, house showing or <insert important event here>...

You paint on a smile (or put on that bright red lipstick) and act like you’re a happy confident successful woman who has it all figured out…yet deep down you feel…

...the exact opposite.

The good news is there’s a way you can quickly and easily fix this. And it doesn’t require plastic surgery, medication or hypnosis.

Using my 36 Image Archetype System, we’ll do the following:

1- The Self-Constructs Audit: review your self-constructs which hold the key to your entire identity. Understand how you truly perceive yourself, how clients and others perceive you and identify any false perspectives that are interfering with your self-image.

2- Profile Your Image Type: Understand your unique characteristics that define you - your personal pattern and blueprint (your psychology, physicality, and presence), and identify your Image Type (from my 36 Image Archetype system).

3 - Express Your Image and Identity: We review your current image and wardrobe and create a collection of versatile capsule pieces that reflect your Image Archetype. I will show you how to effectively project yourself and understand your value statement, so you make an impact and look and feel in your element and a ‘10’.

Imagine slipping on an outfit that not only fits you perfectly, but looks and feels fabulous. You look in the mirror and think 'wow I look really amazing!’

You leave the house full of excitement and confidence. You stride into your business meeting and command the room. When you talk, everyone listens. You can feel eyes on you everywhere you go - in a good way!

And people keep asking 'what have you done recently? You're glowing!’

And what’s so surprising to you is that you haven’t changed anything about yourself. See being a 10 isn't about turning yourself into some fake plastic Hollywood model. It's about bringing your inner fabulousness, this essence and quality that is unique to you - and that already exists by the way - and letting the world see YOU!

This may sound impossible, but 5 women are going to wake up and experience exactly this before February 2nd (Groundhog Day!).

These will be the lucky women in my new program '30 days to a 10'.

Think you don't qualify? Not attractive enough? Never been into clothes? Don’t see yourself as stylish? Or something else?

Why don't you message me and may well be pleasantly surprised - even delighted at what happens next!
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8 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

How do you define your true personal image and look fabulous with a wardrobe you love? Either take the quiz or have a profiling consult... ... See MoreSee Less

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9 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink


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9 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

If you opened your wardrobe this morning and thought “UGH - WHAT AM I A GOING TO WEAR”…

Or, you got dressed and looked in the mirror and thought “I GUESS THAT WILL DO”...

Or, you thought you did a pretty good job of pulling something together but “THIS ISN’T REALLY ME”…

…that’s exactly how some of my clients felt. It's not just you!


Not by changing anything about you…nor by running out and buying more clothes! (Not yet anyway.)

They are fixed by defining your image…

1- understanding your image blueprint
2-understanding your self-image
3-Learning how to express YOU

That's how you look in the mirror and feel gorg, feel aligned with who you are and confident with how you look.

The FREE TRAINING I am starting this week is going to delve into these 3 aspects and get you started on your Image Eve-olution.


See you there! ...Sarah
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9 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

I am doing a FREE TRAINING starting next week using extracts from my image profiling system to get you started on your own image eve-olution. Click here to join By the end of the consult... ... See MoreSee Less

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