ARCHETYPES are powerful and important tools for understanding the Self.

An Archetype is an original pattern or image with particular traits and symbolism, like Mother, Guardian, Teacher, Advocate.

An Archetype can be used to reveal, express and awaken elements of your individuality, to make what’s invisible – visible, what’s unconscious – conscious.

Your IMAGE TYPE acts as an archetype and is a model for understanding your IMAGE BLUEPRINT – your psychology, physicality and presence. It brings together the different elements of your self to reveal the whole picture, the totality of yourself.

It can be difficult to be objective and to see yourself in the mirror for all that you are. You have your own perception of yourself that is often thwarted or reinforced by personal experience and then projected out into the world as a distorted version of yourself.

This Persona can feel inauthentic and like a mask you are wearing, or like a uniform that you put on rather than the authentic you.

Your Image Type gives you a new way of seeing yourself, removing judgement and distortion.

It reveals a picture that makes sense to you and brings you into focus unifying your individual traits so you look in-focus.

It shows you a way to express who you are and live according to your higher intention, your natural path.

There are 36 Image Types developed by the Wardrobe Shrink, one of which will resonate with you.

Activating your Image Type is similar to going into character for a play.

Until you go into character, you are not the part; the character is inactive, lifeless. As you embrace the character, the part that you are playing comes alive, it and the character becomes dynamic.

Your Image Type has that same impact in that it allows you to come alive, to reveal yourself fully.

Famous psychiatrist Carl G. Jung proposed that Archetypes are a universal language of the collective unconscious – an unconscious that is common and shared by all.

One could consider then that your personal archetype is a language of your (individual) unconscious, shared only by you and others with the same Image Type.

The journey from PERSONA (your created identity and face you present to the world), to EGO (your adapted self influenced by your external world), to your SHADOW SELF (aspects of you that you’ve denied, suppressed, hidden), to the TRUE SELF (your unified and true Self) Carl Jung referred to as ‘individuation’.

Understanding your archetypes and Image Type enables you to break through the persona and experience your own individuation journey.

Sarah, the Wardrobe Shrink, calls this an IMAGE EVE-OLUTION – the transformation towards being your Self.


“The authentic self is the soul made visible” – Sarah Ban Breathnach



Venture on your Image Type journey in a one on one consult with Wardrobe Shrink, Sarah. Following the consult, you will receive an individualized summary and Image Type report revealing your Image Archetype.

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The Wardrobe Shrink


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1 month ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

If you opened your wardrobe this morning and thought “UGH - WHAT AM I A GOING TO WEAR”…

Or, you got dressed and looked in the mirror and thought “I GUESS THAT WILL DO”...

Or, you thought you did a pretty good job of pulling something together but “THIS ISN’T REALLY ME”…

…that’s exactly how some of my clients felt. It's not just you!


Not by changing anything about you…nor by running out and buying more clothes! (Not yet anyway.)

They are fixed by defining your image…

1- understanding your image blueprint
2-understanding your self-image
3-Learning how to express YOU

That's how you look in the mirror and feel gorg, feel aligned with who you are and confident with how you look.

The FREE TRAINING I am starting this week is going to delve into these 3 aspects and get you started on your Image Eve-olution.


See you there! ...Sarah
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The Wardrobe Shrink

I am doing a FREE TRAINING starting next week using extracts from my image profiling system to get you started on your own image eve-olution. Click here to join By the end of the consult... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

The Wardrobe Shrink

I remember when my article came out in The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

The journalist, Lydia Slater, had an Image Consult with me and wrote about it. It was a double page spread on pages 3 and 4 with a big color picture of me.

My phone rang off the hook for the next few days…yet all I could do was hide under my duvet!

Suddenly I was in the public eye…something I felt uncomfortable with as I ALWAYS felt self-conscious in front of an audience. My Image Type explains this dilemma - wanting to communicate and have a voice and yet wanting to be invisible at the same time!

But it’s more than visibility…

…when you really embrace your IMAGE and God-given intended identity and who you are…it is like saying “HERE I AM”.

And I don’t mean saying “hey…here I am…look at me!” Which is what I felt at the time. THAT makes me really uncomfortable!

This other meaning of “HERE I AM”…

…is according to ancient Hebrew scripture about stepping up and responding to a call. It’s responding to who you are called to be and how you are meant to be of service. It’s making a commitment and statement.

I talked about this in my FB live on Friday - watch it here…

Now…many years later…(and after taking time out to become a mom and adopt 3 kids as well…) the much deeper elements of archetypes and how they call your image into action are becoming clearer.

They command you to step up and invoke action and respond to your own inner call.

For some clients this is ALL that’s missing from their mishmash of a wardrobe that’s 70% on the mark! And that is why I have added this step to my Image Consult and I examine a clients self-perceptions and false idea of themselves. Rather than simply telling them their Image Type and sending them on their way...

The desire to just play a character (the 'persona) or to keep hidden our true qualities (the 'shadow self') can be set in stone from a young age. It's important to question it and explore it.

Which is why it's a challenge being your authentic self - to declare “HERE I AM!”

Is this what’s missing for you? Comment below...👱‍♀️
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